Jenny C : portrait d'une foodista en coureuse de fond


New-yorkaise originaire du Delaware, lorsque Jenny Capano quitte son job chez le créateur 3.1 philip lim et The Big Apple, c'est pour rejoindre Paris et s'investir via son agence The Sporting Project dans le monde du fooding branché. Tout en gardant un lien tenu avec New York - son mari y réside toujours - la mode et la culture, elle ouvre avec son associée Tara Gilson, des Pop up Restaurants à l'occasion des Fashion Weeks et elles viennent tout juste d'inaugurer un Bar à Jus(ICI) tendance et vegan. Ceci dans une logique healthy qui correspond à un équilibre de vie et à la runneuse qu'elle est aussi. Son français n'étant pas encore complètement fluent, c'est en anglais qu'elle va nous faire partager ses impressions.



"Since the 8-7th grade, I think I've always been running, and as a child I used to play hockey on field too. On the 3rd of march, I ran for the first time the Paris Half, but I allready ran twice the Brooklyn Half, my district in NYC. Always with my husband (pic below) and some frinds of mine. And you know what ? When I run always I feel very thankfull. I'm so lucky I have legs, it is a very clear moment in my head, nice and intimate. I also really think it is the best way to discover the city and running a competition is a good test for yourself."



"In NYC I run in Prospect Park, over the Brooklyn Bridge and up the west side highway. In Paris I run along the canal St Martin and the river, but I also love to run through the Tuileries. On saturdays and sundays I run about 8-10 miles, twice during the week but less miles : about 4-6. Most of the time I run just alone with my Nike app. Besides I practice yoga, Vinyasa once a week at the Rasa yoga Center - rue Saint Jacques Paris 5 - and hot yoga - Bikram - in the 9 th. I think Yoga is the perfect balance to running, because it stretchs the body, the muscles, helps you to breath and to focus on yourself. And Bikram brings you also a lot of energy."


"I'm not far from being a full veggie, but from time to time it happens I eat meat.  I have a cold press in my kitchen, so for breakfast I cook my own green juices or smoothies with almond butter and chia seeds. Without sugar of course. For lunch it can be quinoa salad with kale." Pardon ? Explication : le kale est un chou frisé vert aux multiples bienfaits alimentaires et très prisé aux U.S où ils le déclinent en chips, salades, soupes... Depuis il est doucement réintroduit en France, notamment par le biais de Kristen Beddard Heiman et son Kale Project : How to find kale in Paris ? "And when I have dinner at home, it is mostly pasta with vegetables." Mais à la question : And alcohol ? Do you drink any alcohol Jenny ? Elle répondra avec un petit sourire en coin à peine coupable : "Yes, I do. But every month I also do a real Cleanse Program*." And what about food supplies during the races ?  "Well, it depends : in Brooklyn there are Gatorade and gels every mile, but in Paris there are oranges and bananas which is much better !"



"Nike a lot and Lululemon. I buy my Nike shoes in New York as for my Lululemon pants which are always crops : calf-length. They're just perfect for a quick run because of their belt in pocket. I usually wear a baseball vintage cap and gloves when it's cold." Lululemon est une marque de sportswear américaine juste sublime et techniquement parfaite spécialisée dans le yoga et le running, malheureusement elle est uniquement vendue aux US, en Australie et en Nouvelle  Zélande.  Mais il serait question d'une implantation prochaîne en France, let's hope so !


"I always run with music, as for the Paris Half. 1 - Kiss is goodbye/Blacklips - 2 - I love it/Icona Pop - 3 - dancing on my own/Robyn - 4 - Go outside - Cults - 5 - All of me/Tanlines - 6 - Don't move/Phantogram - 7 - Bushwick Blues/Delta Spirit - 8 - Forever/Haim - 9 - Ritual Union/Little Dragon - 10 - Hang with me/Robyn."



"On races ? Not really. But maybe the Medal !"


"Absolutely none !"


"The Brooklyn Half next 12th of May and I hope the Paris Marathon next year." Go ! Go ! Go ! Jenny !


*The cleanse program (HERE) : "It's easier than people would think and it gives you so much energy ! During three or five days you drink 6 juices per day. You should try !" Absolutely !

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